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Memos for the February 2009 ICC-ES Evaluation Committee Meeting

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

  1. AC405 – Wood Structural Panels with Factory-applied Fire-retardant Coatings. This is a new criteria previously considered by the Evaluation Committee in May and October 2008. Click here.

  2. AC193 – Mechanical Anchors in Concrete Elements. Revisions are proposed to clarify requirements for special inspection in Sections 5.4 and 6.6 of the criteria. Click here.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

  1. AC408 – Structural Concrete with Lightweight Synthetic Particles. A new criteria is proposed for lightweight synthetic particles that are added to concrete as a partial replacement of conventional fine or coarse aggregate. Click here.

  2. AC407 – Structural Composite Hybrid Systems Consisting of Structural Steel, Precast Concrete and Cast-in-place Concrete. A new criteria is proposed for structural composite hybrid systems, which are specific forms of alternative composite steel and concrete structural systems. The composite steel and concrete members are different from the code-recognized composite steel and concrete structural members. Click here.

  1. AC130 – Prefabricated Wood Shear Panels. Revisions are proposed to add a new Section 7.2 to be consistent with a similar requirement in AC322 (Prefabricated, Cold-formed, Steel Lateral-force-resisting Vertical Assemblies.) Click here.

  2. AC318 – Structural Cementitious Floor Sheathing Panels. Revisions are proposed to extend recognition to use in roof sheathing applications. Click here.

  1. AC269 – Racking Shear Evaluation of Proprietary Sheathing Materials Used as Braced Wall Panels. Revisions are proposed to clarify the intent of Section 6.2.3 that the racking shear requirements are for proprietary sheathing materials covered in other ICC-ES acceptance criteria and to revise the maximum height to be consistent with ASCE 7. Click here.

  2. AC411 – Narrow-gap Improved Electroslag Welding. A new criteria is proposed for qualification testing of a welding procedure specification for narrow-gap improved electroslag welding. Click here.