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Responses for the October 2013 Committee Meeting (received at meeting)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

  1. AC364 — Proposed Revisions to the Acceptance Criteria for Automatic Foundation Flood Vents. Revisions are proposed to revise the title of the criteria and make accompanying revisions to the definitions and terminology in Section 1.4, to clarify the intent of the criteria; update the criteria to include the 2009 and 2012 editions to the I-codes; clarify that the criteria is for the evaluation of the operation of the flood vents; add ASCE 24 to the list of standards referenced in Section 1.3; revise Section 3.1.5 to clarify how area served by the flood vent is determined; revise Section 3.2 to cite all testing of various sizes of flood vents and operating mechanisms; and add Section 3.3 to address weathering of flood vents made of plastic. Click here.
  1. AC385 — Proposed Revisions to the Acceptance Criteria for Special-purpose Sprinklers Used With Fixed Glazed Assemblies to Provide an Alternative to a Fire-resistance-rated Wall Assembly.  Revisions are proposed to remove the requirement that the “pony” wall described in Section 5.1.8 be constructed of water-resistant materials; add wording that the “pony” wall be constructed such that combustible materials are kept a minimum of 2 inches from the face of the glazing; and remove Section 5.1.11 from the criteria. Click here.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

  1. AC232 — Proposed Revisions to the Acceptance Criteria for Anchor Channels in Concrete Elements. Revisions are proposed to delete the strength reduction factor in Equations D-32.e and D-32.f; add a new section in which modification of the anchor channels is permitted to force specific failure modes; make several text changes to clarify intent and correct errors; permit the use of a default value of 6.0 for the term αr under certain conditions; modify Sections 7.8.3 and 8.12; change the manner in which the test results of Table 4.1, Test No. 9 are evaluated; add new (optional) tests to enable recognition of anchor channels for loading in the direction parallel to the anchor channel axis as well as for recognition to resist seismic loads; and make changes to clarify testing requirements in Table 4.1. Click here.
  1. AC124 — Proposed Revisions to the Acceptance Criteria for Rim Board Products. Revisions are proposed to add a new section on factory-applied fire-retardant surface coatings. This subject was previously considered by the Evaluation Committee in June 2013. Click here.
  1. AC14 — Proposed Revisions to the Acceptance Criteria for Prefabricated Wood I-joists. Revisions are proposed to change the center span deflection limit in Section A4.4.1.4 and to make changes to clarify the intent of Sections A4.4.1.4 and A4.4.2. This proposal is based on a proposal that was posted for public comment under the June 2013 alternative agenda process. Click here.