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Memos for the February 2014 Evaluation Committee Meeting

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

  1. AC37 — Proposed Revisions to the Acceptance Criteria for Vinyl Siding. Revisions are proposed to update referenced standards for wind resistance testing and the allowable pressure definition, modify the structure the criteria to include sections dedicated for unbacked vinyl siding and foam-plastic-backed vinyl siding, update the criteria to address installation of vinyl siding installed over foam plastic sheathing, and delete the current requirement that tested installation methods be superior to code-prescribed methods. Portions of this proposal were introduced under the June 2013 alternative agenda process agenda. Click here.

  2. AC124 — Proposed Revisions to the Acceptance Criteria for Rim Board Products. Revisions are proposed to add a new section on factory-applied fire-retardant surface coatings. This subject was previously considered by the Evaluation Committee in June 2013 and October 2013. Click here.

  3. AC429 — Proposed Revisions to the Acceptance Criteria for High-Strength Reinforcing Bars. Revisions are proposed to revise the steel tensile strain upper bound and add provisions to alert the user to the potential effect of reinforcing bar tensile strain on the structural performance of reinforced concrete structures. Click here.
  1. AC447 — Proposed Revisions to the Acceptance Criteria for Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Modular Wall, Roof and Floor Systems. Revisions are proposed to add provisions for FRP roof and floor systems, add testing for shear strength of FRP materials, add testing of tensile bond of adhesive connections, revise the criteria in order to derive allowable capacities for attaching EIFS to FRP wall components based on test results, and add thermal barrier requirements for ceilings. Click here.

  2. AC232 — Proposed Revisions to the Acceptance Criteria for Anchor Channels in Concrete Elements. Revisions are proposed to replace Annex A, Section 3.1, D.4.1.5 with new language and modify some definitions in Annex A, Section 2.2. Click here.