ICC-ES Introduces PMG Product Listings

By Bernie Soesilo, Director of Listing, ICC Evaluation Service, Inc.

Every day, code officials are challenged to evaluate the performance and code compliance of new products and processes, a challenge that requires significant time and effort. That’s why code officials look to product listings created by recognized industry experts. Through these listings, they gain insight into the strength and reliability of today’s increasingly advanced materials and innovative processes.

For many, the source that creates these listings is just as important as the final documentation. Inspectors seek a listing process that instills confidence, one that ensures a product’s reliability and strength. Manufacturers look to these same industry experts to speedily and affordably complete the listing process so that they can get products to market as quickly as possible.

As the advancement of plumbing, mechanical and gas (PMG) products, particularly in the delivery of sustainable products, continues to keep pace with similar innovation in the building products industry, it is incumbent on the industry evaluation experts to provide a comprehensive, quality resource for product listings to support the PMG market.

That’s why ICC Evaluation Service, Inc. (ICC-ES), the United States’ leader in evaluating building products for code compliance, has introduced its PMG listing services. Built on the same framework of integrity that has helped ICC-ES become an industry-recognized expert in building products for 70 years, the PMG listing services evaluates product compliance with the model codes and monitors the manufacturing process. The PMG Listing service program is backed by some of industry’s national and international experts with over 100 years of combined knowledge.

Through this program, ICC-ES will develop, implement and maintain accredited listing programs under the International Codes and other appropriate codes to meet the needs of those who enforce building safety codes.

An Industry Presence

ICC-ES PMG listings address any code requirements that might exist in addition to the requirement to comply with a performance standard.

As a resource for product listings, ICC-ES is well-positioned to provide jurisdictions throughout the country with a cohesive, consistent resource based on the International Codes (I-Codes), the most widely adopted codes in history. In fact, the I-Codes are now adopted in all 50 states and Washington, D.C., at the state or local level.

With this adoption, building officials have the confidence that the products they approve provide the assurance of public health and safety. The availability of ICC-ES listings, provided under the overall International Code Council umbrella, deliver this same promise of quality and reliability, ensuring that listings address any code requirements that might exist in addition to the requirement to comply with a performance standard.

To list a product, a manufacturer submits an application that includes product information and test reports, along with appropriate fees to cover the cost of the evaluation. The ICC-ES management assigns a technical expert to evaluate the product application. ICC-ES employs highly experienced professional engineers with expertise in the plumbing, mechanical and gas industries.

Timely, Reliable Resource

Through the PMG Listing program, ICC-ES will develop, implement and maintain accredited listing programs under ISO Guide 65 standard. The codes used to evaluate the products are the International Plumbing Codes®, International Mechanical Code®, International Residential Code®, International Fuel Gas Code®, Uniform Plumbing Code®, and/or Uniform Mechanical Code®. The test reports submitted for review must be tested by laboratories that comply with ISO/IEC 17025.

Unlike the ICC-ES Evaluation Report system which is primarily geared toward evaluating new and innovative products or products that are not addressed by the I-codes, the ICC-ES Listing Program is set up to service manufacturers of code-complying products as well. That means that the ICC-ES Listing Program addresses products that are specifically mentioned in either the code or a standard that is referenced by the code, with capabilities to evaluate alternative products as well.

In the increasingly global building and construction business, it’s imperative that manufacturers list products through an internationally-approved, reliable resource such as ICC-ES.

The PMG Listings will cover a range of products, from metal and plastic fixtures to fuel gas items to pipe fittings to valves and faucets. One of the anticipated areas of growth will be in relation to water-conservation efforts. In California, for instance, 50 percent of the toilets developed by water closet manufacturers must be high-efficiency toilets by 2010, and 100 percent of the toilets for this market by 2014. 

Whether you are a code official, contractor or manufacturer, look for the ICC-ES PMG listing mark, the seal of integrity that guarantees a product has been evaluated to the industry's most stringent guidelines.

Author bio:

Bernie Soesilo, ICC-ES Director of Listing Programs, has more than 10 years of experience, including his most recent position as the Director of IAPMO Evaluation Service. Soesilo has extensive knowledge of state and federal regulations, national standards, and codes. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from California State Polytechnic University and a Master of Science degree in Engineering from California State Fullerton.