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ICC-ES EPD Program Instructions

Program Instructions for the ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) EPD Program on Building and Construction Products and Materials

To ensure comparability of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) that are conducted internationally in different business sectors, the International Organization for Standards, ISO, developed ISO14025, "Environmental labels and declarations — Type III environmental declarations — Principles and procedures," which provides a framework for the development of PCRs and EPDs, and the establishment of an EPD Program. This document fulfills the requirement of establishing an ICC-ES EPD Program, referred to as "Programme Instructions" in ISO 14025. ISO also requires that "the general programme instructions shall be available to any person on request."

Intended Audience

The intended audience for the EPDs is Business-to-Business (B-to-B).

Development of LCA-based Information for EPDs

ICC-ES will verify that LCAs are performed in accordance with ISO standards and the finalized PCRs for the product categories under consideration.

Funding Sources

ICC-ES operates as a non-profit, limited liability company (LLC) under the International Code Council (ICC). ICC-ES has no financial interest in, or is not financially dependent upon, any single company manufacturing the product being inspected or tested; it is not owned, operated, or controlled by any such company.

Periodic Review of Program Instructions

ICC-ES will review the program instructions every three years to determine that documents are up-to-date.

Maintaining Publicly Available Lists and Records of PCR Documents and EPDs

ICC-ES will maintain a publicly available list of all PCRs and valid EPDs completed within the program, and make that list available to the public via the Internet. EPDs are considered to be the property of the manufacturers (or relevant associations, or organizations seeking the EPD). All EPDs developed under this program will be made publicly available as required by ISO 14025.


Revised December 2, 2014