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Product Listings & ICC-ES Evaluation Reports

A number of recent inquiries from users of evaluation reports have prompted the need for an explanation of the differences between listings and evaluation reports. Each serves a distinct purpose and they compliment each other. Neither should be considered a product approval. Only the code official has the authority to approve the use of a product in his jurisdiction. The listing and evaluation report are tools that the code official can use in making his decision.

A product listing by an approved agency is a statement that a product complies with a standard adopted by that agency, normally determined through testing. The listing also incorporates an ongoing inspection program of the plant facility to provide assurance that the manufactured products represent the specimens subjected to the successful qualifying tests.

An ICC-ES evaluation report is a statement that a product complies with the International and/or legacy Code referenced therein. A listing based on a standard in the International Codes is a key element for the product manufacturer in seeking recognition in an ICC-ES evaluation report. Where the code additionally requires periodic inspection of the manufacturing facility, the listing by an approved agency under a code standard, meshes very well with the evaluation report.

As stated earlier, the evaluation report refers to the International Codes that may contain several requirements concerning products which may not always be addressed in a product listing. Example would be a fire-retardant roofing system where a listing under the appropriate test standard would not address wind resistance requirements of the code. Another example might be an exterior fire-resistive wall assembly where the listing would state the hourly rating but not cover structural requirements for horizontal and vertical loadings or whether the exterior cladding qualified as a weather-resistive barrier. The task of the ICC-ES staff is to see that all code requirements are addressed. Staff must also evaluate the listing itself to verify that it covers the same product on which an applicant seeks recognition and that the manner in which the product or system was tested coincides with the installation requested for the report.

The approved listing agency must have its testing and inspection functions accredited as a condition of an ICC-ES product evaluation report. The basis of accreditation is ISO/IEC Standards 17025 and 17020 which are used globally. ICC-ES recognizes International Accreditation Service (IAS) to accredit these agencies for work under specific test standards. Other accreditors who have committed to mutual recognition arrangements with certain international organizations are also recognized to accredit the listing agencies for testing and inspection under specific test standards.